Online and Home Study Training

Spruce Radon Training has produced a variety of self-paced radon training courses that can be taken online for CE credits. More courses will be added periodically, so if you don't see a course you're interested in now, please contact us or call Spruce Radon Training at 800-355-0901. Click here to register for an online or home study course.

Online and Home Study Courses from Spruce

The following table lists the online and home study courses available and each course's credit and approval ratings.

Course Type Course Name Credit / Approvals
Online QA-QC for Residential Radon Measurement 12 Cat I NRPP and NRSB CE Credits
Marketing the Radon Message 4 Cat I NRPP CE Credits
Online Video Courses Click here to preview CE courses available online. CE Credits Vary
Home Study with Video Introduction A Diffusion Cloud Chamber for Viewing Alpha Tracks (Dr. Jim Burkhart,WRRTC) 4 Cat I NRPP CE Credits
Live Webinar Residential Radon Measurement 16 Cat I NRPP CE Credits / Certification Prep