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ON SALE - HS2000E Radon Fan w/ Electrical Switch Box

SKU: 23004-4
HS fans offer a proven solution for tough radon mitigation jobs, providing up to 25 times the suction of inline tube fans to deal with sand, tight soil or clay sub-slab material.

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HS2000E Radon Fan with Electrical Switch Box Features:

  • Internal condensate bypass
  • Mounts vertically indoors or outdoors
  • Inlet: 3.0" PVC/Outlet: 2.0" PVC
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Size: 15"W x 13"H x 8"D
  • One-year limited warranty

Radon Fan Model Selection Guidelines:

(Choice of model is dependent on building characteristics and should be made by a radon professional.)

  • HS2000 - High suction and high flow for large areas such as schools and commercial buildings
  • HS3000 - Single family homes with very tight sub-slab material
  • HS5000 - For extremely tight sub-slab material or where the number of holes is restricted; also useful for high altitudes

Additional Fan Information:

  Typical CFM vs. Static Pressure WC
Model P/N Watts Recomm Max Op Pressure "WC 0" 10" 15" 20" 25" 35"
HS2000 w/cord 23004-1 159-318 14 63 37 12 - - -
HS2000 w/switch box 23004-4 159-318 14 63 37 12 - - -
HS3000 w/cord 23004-2 120-250 21 39 30 25 19 - -
HS3000 w/switch box 23004-5 120-250 21 39 30 25 19 - -
HS5000 w/cord 23004-3 202-350 35 44 37 33 29 25 16
HS5000 w/switch box 23004-6 202-350 35 44 37 33 29 25 16

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 23004-4
Pack Size Each


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