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VAPORMAT™ 0.4" Thick

SKU: 66105
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The VAPORMAT System (also known as soil gas collector mat) is enveloped in a filter fabric and is comprised of 95% air space, allowing the radon and other soil gases and vapors to be channeled to the riser pipe connection (Radon-T P/N 28353). Size: 48" W x 50' L x 0.4" Thick.

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Additional VAPORMAT Information:

  • Downloadable Product Specifications (PDF format)
  • Downloadable Brochure (PDF format)
  • Downloadable Product Instructions (PDF format)
  • Features:

    • Ideal for RRNC and crawlspace installations
    • Saves time and money
    • Easy to install
    • >40% recycled pre-consumer material
    • LEED v4 credit eligible (1-2 points)
    • Complies w/RRNC 2.0 and IRC Appendix F
    • Complies w/ANSI-AARST CC-1000 Standard
    • Benefits/Additional Features:

    • Reduces radon, moisture and other toxic vapor levels in the living space of a home, commercial or industrial building.*
    • Reduces the potential for mold and mildew problems.*
    • Maintains air flow communication across grade beams, downturns, footers and distant corners.*
    • Reduces the need for an exhaust fan or basement dehumidifier reducing lifetime energy costs.*
    • Manufactured in USA.
    • Shortens concrete slab cure time significantly.*
    • When used with Radon-T (P/N 28353), provides a more cost-effective solution vs. pipe fittings.
    • When pouring slabs in existing dirt floor basements or crawlspaces, the low profile of the VAPORMAT™ allows for less excavation when compared to placing perforated pipe in gravel.
    • *When used in conjunction with an active fan

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 66105
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