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Single Radon-T Kit

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Designed and manufactured by RadonAway® to replace ordinary pipe fittings as a base for RRNC and crawlspace systems, the Radon-T stabilizes the vertical pipe, saddles over perforated pipe, provides better air flow, and prevents blockage by construction debris. It is also ideal for use with VAPORMAT™.
Kit includes: 1 Radon-T Fitting, 4 stakes for stabilization, Cap to prevent debris entry, Instruction guide, 4 vent pipe labels.


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The innovative, exclusive Radon-T is specifically designed for green building during new construction. The Radon-T provides the critical first step for building in a passive radon and moisture reduction system rough-in (RRNC) or the installation of a full, activated radon system.

The Radon-T replaces an ordinary PVC tee as the base of the system, providing

  • More stability (no more leaning system pipes)
  • Better air, soil gas and vapor flow
  • Protection against accidental blockage by building debris

The Radon-T is as easy to install as an ordinary tee, but its unique design takes it far beyond the ordinary. While accepting regular 4" schedule 40 into its socket, the Radon-T:

  • Can easily saddle over drainage piping.
  • Works with aggregate or geotextile matting.
  • Features side knockouts for 4-way air flow.

Each Radon-T comes with a kit that includes

  • Radon-T - To prepare for installation of an active or passive radon and moisture control system
  • 4 Stakes - To stabilize the T in preparation for aggregate fill and slab pour
  • Vent Pipe Cap - To prevent debris entry and, because it is clearly labeled, avoid the possibility of mistaking the vent pipe stub for a utility pipe "rough in"
  • Instruction Guide - Which provides installation and use instructions for Radon-T as well as full Radon/RRNC system installation instructions (to comply with ASTM E1465, IRC Appendix F, and state standards where applicable)
  • Set of 4 Labels - To clearly mark Radon System vent pipes

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