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Dave's Corner "Live" (1 hour total)

Join Dave Kapturowski for a prerecorded video and slide presentation of some advanced mitigation techniques and pointers. Dave covers designing the mitigation system for optimum performance, choosing the best fan for the job and combating problem condensation. Three 20-minute segments, each followed by a quiz offer a full hour of field-relevant continuing education for radon mitigation professionals needing the next level of mitigation instruction.

Dave's Corner Lessons

Lesson I: System Piping Design

Covers pressure loss created by elbows and various pipe diameters. Dave shows you how to calculate equivalent pipe length, relate that to flow rate, and use this information when deciding on 3" or 4" pipe.

Lesson II: System Operating Point

Choose the right fan for the project. This segment builds on Lesson I by relating pressure loss in a system to the fan characteristics required for optimum system operation, and describes multiple fan configurations for difficult mitigation conditions.

Lesson III: Condensation

Calculate the amount of condensation a given system will produce. Included are the guidelines for pipe size and air flow address the number one cause of fan failure: condensation.