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Testing for Radon

radon test kits

The only way to know whether your home’s radon levels are high is to test your home, and if you have well water, your water.

For airborne radon, you can choose either a short-term (two to seven days) or long-term (three months to a year) test. The short-term measurement gives a quick 'snap shot' of your radon levels, while a long-term measurement captures the seasonal variations and lets you know what levels you are living with for an extended period of time. (See What is a high radon level? and Factors that can affect radon levels) For waterborne radon, you will need to collect a water sample from a household faucet.

How to Test for Radon

For do-it-yourselfers, test kits to measure radon in air and water are easy to use and available at many hardware and home improvement stores and through the Internet. Most test kits include a test device, instructions, and laboratory analysis, with a postage-paid mailer included to send the device to the laboratory for analysis. Be sure the laboratory that manufactures and analyzes the test is certified to do so. Or you might choose to hire a certified radon measurement professional.

radon test kits by AccuStar Labs

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