Radon Training

For Certification and Continuing Education Credits

RadonAway's commitment to quality and excellence in the radon industry goes beyond our products and service. Along with AccuStar Labs and Spruce Environmental Technologies, we make available training courses for radon professionals, home inspectors, and others who would like to enter this exciting and challenging field.

These courses provide CE credits and prepare radon professionals for certification exams. To make professional training as convenient as possible, our training courses are available in a variety of formats:

Classroom Training

We offer classroom training throughout the country on a scheduled basis.

Online Training

We provide online training for radon professionals to earn CE credits. In addition, our Training Video Library offers educational videos to view free or register for CE credits ($20/credit hr).

Home Study

Not Enough Time to Attend a Class? Take the "A Diffusion Cloud Chamber for Viewing Alpha Tracks" course. You can spark some interest in radon by building your own radon cloud chamber and receive CE credits after submitting your exam.