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Mitigating Radon from Your Idaho Home

Whether or not your area is listed here, it is important to test your home, as any house in any location can have dangerous levels of radon. Use our tool to find a qualified radon tester. If a problem is identified, it is important to find a trained, certified mitigator to reduce levels. Attempts to mitigate radon yourself could result in accidentally increasing levels. RadonAway works with a network of qualified radon contractors who will be able to evaluate your home to find the best system to use, ensuring that the air in your home will be safer.

If you’ve recently tested your home for radon and discovered radon levels of 4pCi/L or higher, fill out our contact form to get in touch with a radon professional nearby.

Radon Professional in Idaho

According to The Department of Health and Welfare, about 40 percent of Idaho homes have levels of radon gas over pCi/L; this is the level at which the EPA urges people to invest in radon mitigation.

Earthquakes such as Challis cause certain areas of Idaho to have extremely high radon levels. When the earth’s structure moves, it can cause radon to escape from the soil. An example of one of these high radon areas is Ada County in northern Boise.

KMVT has reported that 19 percent of homes in Twin Falls have unsafe radon levels. Even more alarmingly, 59 percent of homes in Burley and 60 percent of homes in Sun Valley have also revealed dangerous levels of radon.

In Kootenai County, unsafe levels are way beyond 4pCi/L and about 38-74 percent of homes test unsafe.

Additional areas with high levels of radon in Idaho:

  • Athol/Bayview- 271 tests with 74 percent unsafe homes
  • Post Falls – two-thirds of 925 homes were labeled unsafe
  • Worley- 13 tests with 38 percent of homes labeled unsafe
  • Coeur d’Alene/Dalton – 64 percent of 917 homes tested were found unsafe