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Find a Professional Radon Contractor in Maine

Located in the Northeast, Maine is a small state offering a quiet lifestyle for locals with plenty of outdoor attractions for out-of-state visitors. Featuring some of the most gorgeous hiking and skiing trails in New England along with historic attractions, craggy shorelines, and renowned beaches, Maine is truly a remarkable state.

Many homes in Maine feature a unique cottage-like interior with outdoor showers for those situated along the water. Homeowners take great pride in their residences, but they could well be threatened by exposure to high levels of radon, since nearly all of the state is in the EPA’s zone for highest potential for elevated radon. Any home, particularly in Maine, could have high radon levels, which is why radon testing is crucial. Radon is a radioactive gas that seeps into even the smallest cracks of the home’s foundation. Odorless and tasteless, radon is undetectable to the naked eye and if your house has radon levels over 4pCi/L, it’s imperative to hire a professional radon contractor for radon mitigation.

Radon Professional in Maine

In Maine specifically, one in five wells have radon concentrations that are high. This means that homes which use private wells for their drinking water, as well as for washing and bathing, should be tested. Regardless of how new or old your home might be, radon can still enter your home through the air or well water. Since radon typically moves up through the ground, it’s important to focus on the lowest livable areas as this is where radon levels could be the highest.

Radon Mitigation in Maine

RadonAway offers radon test kits so you can measure radon in your home’s air and water. If you’ve already discovered radon in the air and water and would like to have a radon mitigation system installed, fill out our form. We work with the most trusted, licensed and insured radon contractors whose expertise and years of experience ensure your Maine home is safe. By installing a radon mitigation system, your radon levels will be greatly reduced.

Radon poisoning can lead to lung cancer. If, over time, you suffer from consistent chest pains, wheezing, persistent coughing or trouble breathing these could be early signs of the disease. It’s best not to wait until these problems grow worse and you should see a physician immediately as well as contact a licensed radon contractor in Maine. While radon won’t be eliminated from your home in Maine, levels will be significantly lowered so you do not suffer from radon poisoning. Our radon contractors follow several steps – including diagnostic evaluation, sealing, and installation of an airborne radon reduction system.