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Where to Buy RadonAway Products

RadonAway is a B2B business that sells professional-grade products directly to radon professionals. In order to purchase directly from RadonAway, you must be an approved customer. If you are not currently a RadonAway customer and are a radon professional and/or work within the industry and would like to become a customer, please click here and complete this form.  If you are not a radon professional, you can still purchase our non-professional series of RadonAway products indirectly through an authorized distributer listed below. 

1. Radon Professionals/Approved Customers: Order directly from RadonAway

If you are already an approved RadonAway customer, you may purchase directly through our ecommerce site and over the phone. Please have your customer account information on hand when placing your order.

Online at RadonAway.com

All RadonAway customers receive an ecommerce login automatically during account setup. We are open 24/7 online and offer a responsive website to take your orders quickly and efficiently.

Call Customer Service

Our experienced and knowledgeable Customer Service Team members are happy to take your orders by phone Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm ET.  Call Us at: MA (800) 767-3703 or IN (800) 523-2084.

2. Non-Radon Professionals: Order through an Authorized Distributer

RadonAway offers a contractor series of radon fans and essential radon system accessories through our authorized distribution network to non-radon professionals, contractors, homeowners, realtors, and others.  Please contact any of the following authorized resellers for pricing and to order RadonAway products.

IAQ Source -  www.iaqsource.com
Inspect USA -  www.inspectusa.com
HVAC Quick -  www.HVACquick.com
Indoor Air Health Advisor -  www.indoor-air-health-advisor.com
Budget Home Supply -  www.budgethomesupply.com
Radon PDS -  www.radonpds.com
Home Town USA Stores
Ebay -   www.ebay.com
Amazon -  www.amazon.com
Lowes - www.lowes.com
Menards -  www.menards.com
Home Depot -  www.homedepot.com 
Infiltec -  www.infiltec.com
Tool Fanatic! -  toolfanatic.com 

3. International Partners

4 Partners - 4 Countries In the engineering world, one size does not fit all! We have four sources for our motors, which come to us from Germany, France, England, and China. For each and every motor we search as long as it takes to find the correct manufacturer to provide the best motor for each specific fan, regardless of where in the world they are located. Until the time comes when we can partner with an American motor company, we are proud to work with all of our partners in bringing you radon fans produced to the highest standards at every stage of manufacturing.

AccuStar Canada / Rn222 Inc.
For Canadian distribution of our AccuStar test devices, radon monitors and GM1-2 diagnostic device, AccuStar Canada partners with Rn222 inc, a Canadian company based in Quebec, with offices in Toronto and Edmonton.

U.K. and Europe Distributors
Our UK and Europe partner since 2015, PropertECO is recognized as one of the UK’s leading experts in the field of radon gas testing and radon mitigation. With over 25 years of technical knowledge and practical experience of lowering radon concentrations in homes and workplaces, PropertECO is an awardwinning service and distribution company at the forefront of the UK radon industry.

Niton SRL
Our recent Italian partner is Niton SRL, headquartered in Lainate, Milan, Italy. Niton proudly displays the NRPP logo and the statement, “Niton is the first and only company in Italy to employ professionals certified by the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) of the United States for its Radon surveys.”