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Each year radon causes 20,000 lung cancer deaths and in Pennsylvania alone, there are between 860-3,800 lung cancer deaths per year due to residential radon exposure.

While you may not be able to taste, see or smell radon, this radioactive gas causes an extensive amount of damage to the body, especially in children. In fact, roughly 270,000 homes in PA have radon levels over 20 pick/L which is much more than the EPA action level of 4 pick/L.

The Importance of Radon Mitigation

RadonAway Authorized Radon ProfessionalRadon mitigation will significantly reduce the risks of developing lung cancer as well as reduce infiltration of moist soil air with radon.

Each radon mitigation contractor has been thoroughly trained to reduce radon levels in your home or building. There are several processes that the radon contractor can take to reduce radon levels in the home or building.

If you've recently discovered high levels of radon in your air or water, fill out our form to find a radon contractor in Pennsylvania. RadonAway works with the most talented and trusted radon mitigation professionals who have extensive knowledge and years of experience reducing radon levels. All of our radon contractors in Pennsylvania are fully licensed, insured and can remediate radon in both the air and water.

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Common Symptoms of Radon Poisoning

When high concentrations of radon gas seep into the home, the entire household may suffer from serious health effects. Homes and buildings that lack the proper ventilation are prone to higher concentrations of radon gas.

Below are several common symptoms of radon poisoning:

  • Persistent coughing
  • Intense chest pains
  • Wheezing
  • Hoarseness
  • Respiratory infections
  • Trouble breathing