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Radon levels are commonly high in the Spokane region, with health officials announcing that roughly 60 percent of the homes have high levels of radon. According to the Washington State Department of Health, radon is the leading source of radiation for Washington residents. Unfortunately, in Washington, home inspections are not required to include radon testing. In addition to Spokane, Klickitat and Clark have high levels of radon. Now that more and more homes in Washington counties such as Benton and Franklin are undergoing radon testing, the State Department of Health has found increasingly high levels of radon. Two counties that have been identified with hazardous levels are Spokane, which has an average radon level of 9.9 pCi/L, and Whitman at 5.9 pCi/L. The EPA recommends taking action to reduce radon if levels are higher than 4pCi/L.

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Whether you're buying, selling or remaining in a home in Washington, it is critical to test for radon to ensure that your family and potential new property owners are not exposed to hazardous levels of radon, a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. If you plan to test for radon, or if you've recently discovered elevated levels of radon in your home, or if you would like to know whether your existing radon system is functioning properly, click below to find a qualified radon professional nearby.

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It is important to get your home tested for radon. Any home in any location can have dangerous levels of radon. If you test your home and find that there are levels above the EPA’s recommended action level, you should turn to a trained and certified mitigator. These experienced professionals can evaluate your home and find the most effective system to reduce radon levels. Click above to get in touch with a qualified radon mitigator or tester in your area.

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