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Testing for Radon

Since radon is odorless, tasteless and colorless,  it’s virtually impossible to detect radon in the home without the assistance of a professional radon test.radon test kits

There are several ways to test for airborne radon – short-term (two to seven days) or long-term (three months to a year). 

Short-Term vs Long-Term Radon Testing

When you need results fast, it’s best to use short-term radon kits. This type of testing utilizes a variety of device types, including charcoal canisters and liquid scintillation (LS) vials that trap radioactive radon particles from the air in your home. Through laboratory analysis, we can determine the radon picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of air.

Long-term radon testing captures the seasonal fluctuations and allows homeowners to recognize what levels they have been living with for an extended period of time. (See What is a high radon level? and Factors that can affect radon levels).  

Testing for Radon

According to the EPA

About 15 percent of Americans use private wells as their main source of drinking water. Since private wells are not usually regulated, well owners are responsible for making sure their drinking water is safe and of good quality. Well water should be tested on a regular schedule:

  • Each year, test for contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Every three years, test for radionuclides. The radionuclides radium and uranium are minerals that are present naturally in most rocks and soils. Radium breaks down to form the radioactive gas, radon. 

Radon from well water can enter the home through the water supply and radon leaves the water when flushed, heated or sprayed (ie: showers, dishwashers, washing machines). 

Hire a Radon Contractor for Radon Testing and Fixing

RadonAway offers radon testing kits to measure radon in the air and water. Test kits include the following:

  • Test device
  • Instructions
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Postage-paid mailer to send the device to the lab for an analysis

If you test for radon yourself and the results are high, or if you prefer to hire a radon testing professional from the start, contact us or go online for listed certified testers at National Radon Proficiency Program   or your state radon office.   To find a qualified radon contractor to fix high levels of radon in your home’s air or water, fill out our Find a Radon Professional form. 

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