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While radon found in the air is nothing to panic about, this odorless, invisible gas can be quite hazardous when trapped inside the home. Entering primarily through cracks in the home’s foundation or through well water, drains, sump pumps and soil, radon is especially troublesome during the winter when windows and doors are securely locked shut.

Health Risks Associated with Radon

Recognized as a class-one carcinogen, radon is proven to be a cancer-causing agent. Due to the radioactive decay affiliated with radon gas, these products can easily attach to lung tissue once inhaled. When the decay process is occurring, alpha radiation is emitted which has the most harmful effect on humans. In fact, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and if you smoke in a home with high radon levels, your likelihood of getting lung cancer increases.

How Radon Affects Illinois Residents

After the launch of the Illinois Radon Act in 2008, radon measurements increased by 29% and there was a 26% increase in radon mitigations. To the dismay of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, they discovered 41% of homes in Illinois that had been tested for radon displayed radon levels higher than the action level of 4.0 pick/L. While serious action is taken to prevent radon poisoning from spreading in Illinois, such as the Illinois Residential Building Code Act which requires radon mitigation systems to be installed during the construction of new homes, there are still up to 1,200 lung cancer deaths in Illinois caused by radon each year.

The Importance of Radon Mitigation

Radon in the air or water of the home can have serious consequences on your family's health. Be proactive and hire a radon contractor in Illinois to significantly lower radon levels in your home or building. The radon contractors in Illinois that work with RadonAway have years of experience installing radon mitigation systems and are fulling licensed and insured. Our qualified radon contractors will discuss the radon mitigation process with you and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to fill out our form to begin reducing radon levels in your Illinois home.