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Reducing Radon in New Construction

Intro to RRNC

RRNC (Reducing Radon in New Construction) has been receiving more and more attention from the construction and radon industries and the organizations that represent and govern them as well as federal, state and local agencies. The term RRNC refers to the process of preparing a new home for the future installation of a radon system during the early construction phase. RRNC provides opportunities for radon professionals and builders to build in a radon and moisture control system at the best possible time - before the slab is poured.

RRNC can save lives when building is completed and a radon fan is added to activate the system. It also offers Green Building benefits by helping to meet NAHB, EPA/Energy Star, U.S. Green Building Council LEED-H requirements, and an increasing number of state and local regulations. Building in RRNC is a win/win/win scenario for the builder, the radon mitigator, and the homebuyer.

Working with representatives from EPA and the building and radon industries, an American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) Standards Consortium committee is developing a new RRNC Standard, which provides RRNC system installation instructions and requirements and includes this statement: "An Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) system shall be installed in all one or two family dwellings constructed in high and moderate radon potential areas as determined by the EPA Zone 1 or 2 designations or by state or local jurisdictions, as provided in section 3.0. System design and/or installation by or under the responsible supervision of an individual certified and/or licensed to perform radon mitigation services is recommended."

The proposed new AARST/ANSI RRNC Standard, often referred to as “RRNC 2.0,” is available for review and comment on the AARST website, www.aarst.org.

Other Radon Standards are available through the AARST online bookstore after approval.

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