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The Exchange

We are proud to bring to you a new collaborative program that explores the many topics that radon professionals encounter day to day in the field.  The Exchange is a digital experience where discussions drive innovation and solutions.  The intent?  To examine, explore, and expand our knowledge as peers within the radon community.  We strongly encourage participation throughout the events, after all, we are stronger together.  So contribute, collaborate, learn and teach...you can do it in The Exchange!

The Exchange people

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DIVING INTO DIAGNOSTICS: Did you know they can help you $ave you a buck in the long run?

Original Event Date:  Wednesday | September 1st | 3:00- 4:00pm (ET)

Diving into Diagnostics

Whether you are a master mitigator or a novice, everyone is feeling the penny pinch in this pandemic.  Find out how Diagnostics can help make smarter decisions when it comes to installations and save you money in the long run.

Exchange thoughts, ideas, and questions with our resident Technical Expert "Radon Rick" Saulen as we dive into the topic of Diagnostics. Here are just a few areas that we'll explore and encourage your input as well.  We hope you join us!

  • What are Diagnostics and why are they relevant to me?
  • How would Diagnostics possibly save me money?
  • What type of Diagnostic tools are most effective and why?
  • Pressure field extensions -nobody does this, right? (And what are they, anyway?)

THE EXCHANGE LAUNCH: Join Us for a New interactive Event!

Original Event Date:  Thursday | May 27th | 3:00- 4:00pm (ET)

The Exchange Launch